Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Job Rant

Ok, so I'm really strapped for cash. There's so much stuff coming out this year or already out that I really want to get, so I've been looking for work. It's really difficult these days for a teen to find work, with companies preferring older people, or more experienced people, but how are us young people supposed to gain experience if we can't get hired - because we're inexperienced?!

Anyway, eventually I successfully found passed an online application test for a job at xxxxxxxxx'x (I can't reveal the name of the company here) and arranged an interview for the following week. I checked out online what I was expected to do during the interview i.e. What questions the employer may ask, the order of events, and I prepared for it - hard. It got to the day of the interview and it had snowed really heavily the night before, causing my bus to be late for me to go home. Nevertheless, I got home from college, changed, packed my essentials and went on my way. I got to xxxxxxxxx'x and showed up early for the interview, inadvertently answering 2 questions in 1 in some occassions, and had impressed the interviewer with knowledge of the company's background. I then had to undergo further testing, which involved what-to-do scenarios and maths tests - which were very easy. I thought I'd fucking aced that test. After it was over, I thanked the people in charge and was told explicity that I'd have to wait over a week for their response, as they also had to interview another person for the same role. I went home feeling I had secured the job.

However, LESS THAN 24 HOURS LATER, I checked my e-mail to find a messsage with the subject "xxxxxxxxx'x application progress". I nervously held my breath and opened it, to find I was unsuccessful. Whut? I could literally feel my appendix explode and my blood started to boil with rage. Firstly, I felt I had done EVERYTHING right, from my early arrival to the respect I showed to the testing. Secondly, they didn't even wait a day to tell me if I was successful, let alone over a week! Did they hate me that much? I'd felt cheated out of a Friday afternoon. All that work, that preparation. All for it to be thrown back in my face.

I talked to my friends about it and some of them (one of them who works in the same store I was applying for) said the company as a whole was actually racist, and that if I were to apply to that company, the best I could do was  a cleaner, seeing as I'm black. My other friends agreed.

So, here's my message to you, xxxxxxxxx'x. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!! I'm officially boycotting you and I refuse to buy any more of your products. Thank you ,xxxxxxxxx'x, and you can go fuck yourselves.

Till next time :)

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